Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What area do Roadway Ads trucks cover, and for how many hours per day?

Our LED trucks will cover a high traffic designated route, and run between the hours of 9:00AM and 10:00PM Monday-Friday and will run Saturday and Sunday on specific request.

  1. How frequently does the “Shared truck” advertisements change in between ads?

The Billboards will be set on a lapse of 10 seconds per ad, which is plenty of time for your message to be read clearly by multiple viewers on all 3 sides.

  1. How will I know the truck is on the road?

Each truck is equipped with an active GPS, which per customers request we can print out a performance report which consists of truck current location and where the truck has been. This can also be viewed online.


4. What do I do about Creatives/Artwork?

All artwork must meet our standard specs below for the best presentation for your advertisement:

Side Screen: 1280 x 720  dpi:72    Minimum Font Size: 40pt

Rear Screen: 720 x 720    dpi:72    Minimum Font Size:85 pt


    5.  Will my ad be seen at night?

YES your ad will be highly visible at night. Our LED trucks are extremely bright allowing your ad to not only draw attention but to be seen from long distances.


6. How Can I Source a Roadway Ads Lead?

We recommend sourcing leads by setting up a dedicated contact information specifically for your Roadway Ads Campaign.

  • Dedicated Phone Number- Track leads with dedicated Toll Free Number
  • Dedicated SMS Number- Text offer Truck for tracking
  • Dedicated Website- Track Website Analytics
  • Dedicated Promotion  EX: “Mention the phrase DRINK to our manager for a free beverage on us.


7. What are the best areas and times to advertise on the Roadway Ads Trucks?

Anytime is a great time to start advertising on the Roadway Ads truck.

We do extensive research prior to your campaign to find the best areas and times for your campaign.


8. Can I Share Advertising Space with another company to save money on an Exclusive truck?



9. What type of Companys Advertise with Roaway Ads?

By operating a very successful business, based in the southern California market, attracting production companies, car dealerships, home developers, attorneys, real estate firms, lending institutions, sporting good stores, solar companies, restaurant chains, insurance companies, & record labels. The Roadway Ads brand is becoming very recognizable in other states already. We have been requested to represent companies in Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada. Why you say? Well it is very simple, it is because we are mobile!


10. How Do I get started?

Call (866) 232-9533 and one of our helpful staff members can assist you on starting your Roadway Ads campaign. Whether or not if you have art work ready, we can get you up and running in a matter of no time!




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