Franchise FAQ’s

How do I market my Roadway Ads Advertising Mobile Billboard Truck?

The great news is that all businesses are prime candidates for a Roadway Ads
State of the art Mobile Billboard.

Past clients include Auto Dealers, Fast Food Chains,Restaurants,Attorneys, Grand Openings and special events ! Got you thinking ? Now…Who do you know ?

What type of support do I receive from Roadway Ads?

­As an innovator and pioneer in this industry, we will support our franchisee’s, by working to get them started by understanding who the clients are in their market, and reaching out to them to get the word out that a Roadway Ads marketing machine is now available in the area !

Can I receive financing options when purchasing a Roadway Ads Franchise?

Yes ! Roadway Ads has partnered with a select few reputable lenders, that can help the franchisee with a “custom designed” financing package designed for the need of the Franchisee.

What are the best hours to operate my Roadway Ads Mobile Billboard?

Roadway Ads recommends that all franchisees be ready to operate daily (7) days and often times until late at night for special events !

How many employees do I need to start a Roadway Ads Franchise?

Our Design allows a Franchisee to Operate as an Owner­Operator, or Semi­Absentee which would require one employee .

Where can I store a Roadway Ads Mobile Billboard Truck?

Whenever possible, an indoor garage approx 10’x20’ (ideal) or Outdoors.
We use outdoor State of The Art Screens (weatherproof) for every Roadway Ads truck.

Does Roadway Ads offer a “Green” economical model?

Yes we do ! An LP (Green) package is available for those who are interested at additional charge.

Do I need a special license to operate the Mobile Billboard truck?

Based on the GVWR and size of your Roadway Ads Truck, No! However, we encourage YOU to check with the local requirements of travel between states.(In the case of multiple Franchise areas)

How Long does it take to get started?

Currently, our average “Conversion” time is 4 to 6 weeks once we receive the base cab and chassis.

If I purchase multiple territories can I receive any discounts?

Yes we offer 3 and 6 packs contact Vic Scimo (760) 505-­9417 to hear more about our 3 and 6 pack offerings.

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